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Scholarship Rules & Regulations


Scholarship funds may be applied to tuition, academic fees, required course books, and other supplies & or equipment required for course instruction (qualified tuition-related expenses).  Scholarships may be used for future educational expenses or applied to any outstanding student loans.  All unusual or questionable items of expense must be referred to the Executive Director (via email at  with as much information as possible and far enough in advance for consideration and approval.  Tuition, fees, and other qualified tuition-related expenses must exceed the amount of the scholarship earned for payment to be approved. 


The preferred method of remitting approved scholarships is a check made directly to the college, university, and or other accredited institution. Proper planning and time allotment are essential on the part of the student/recipient in order to make this happen. In the case that the scholarship award needs to be paid as a personal reimbursement, extra information will be required to be submitted for approval. Extra information may also be required for funds to be released to pay outstanding student loans.


Scholarship funds may not be used for payments for room & board, computers, musical equipment, and other similar items (unless supplies or equipment are required for registered courses covered by the scholarship).


Scholarships earned in our program do not have a time limit in which they must be used unless the recipient is awarded scholarships at the State or National level. In such an instance, State and National scholarship rules & regulations will apply to local scholarships.  



Fill out and submit the Required Information in the Scholarship Request Form  -

  • Candidate Information (Name, Contact)

  • Course Statement with tuition amounts and or statement of outstanding student loan

  • Payment Information – (Name of Institution, Remittance address, any required information needing to be remitted with payment to ensure proper payment application) 

  • If personal reimbursement is being requested, proof of payment to the institution must be provided along with payment remittance information on who to issue the check to and where to mail it.

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