Katheryn Frederick - Miss Aloha Hawaii 2020-2021                            Carly Yoshida - Miss Kona Coffee 2020-2021

PC: Lehua Moon Photography

Class of 2022 Candidate Information

The search is on for our Class of 2022!  We are sponsored by UCC Hawai’i and are a signature event of the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, Hawaii's longest running food festival which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary celebration November 4th-7th, 2021. We have been a signature event since the festival’s inception and we are also a preliminary competition for Miss Hawai’i & Miss America Organizations. 


Competition:  Friday, November 5th, 2021 6-8pm at Courtyard by Marriott - King Kamehameha Kona Beach Hotel


Candidate Requirements

  • Female

  • Ages 17-25 as of December 31, 2022

  • Never Married, Never Given Birth to a Child

  • U.S. Citizen - Current or Former Hawai’i Island Resident for at least 2 years

  • Must meet the character criteria as set forth by the Miss Hawai’i/Miss America Organization


Miss America is implementing a new process for potential local candidates to register for competition .  This information will be announced soon and we will have a formal virtual orientation in early/mid August. 


Why MKC?

  • Scholarship opportunities - candidates vie for scholarships totalling approximately $10,000 in a range of categories and the potential opportunity to participate in the Miss Hawai’i & Miss America competitions/scholarship opportunities. 

  • Opportunity to get involved in the community

  • A community of like-minded young women building memories to last a lifetime



  • You are committing to applying for the job of Miss Kona Coffee or Miss Aloha Hawai’i.  Between now and November is the competition preparation phase that will prepare you for the job.

    • Turning in requests for information in a timely fashion as represented on the timeline included in the official candidate handbook (to be provided at our formal orientation). 

    • At least 1x per week leading up to competition- for about 4 hours - this time includes preparations for the competition (training & rehearsals), candidate bonding and community service projects or appearances. 

  • Candidates are encouraged to sell festival buttons, program ads, tickets to our inspiration brunch and tickets to competition night (both live and virtual will be available).  The order in which candidates get to choose their spot in the competition line-up  will be determined by the total amount sold. 


Phases of Competition

  • Private Interviews

  • On-Stage Question & Social Impact Pitch**

  • Talent

  • Evening Gown

**Social impact is the initiative you create and or advocate for in which you will work alongside the Miss Kona Coffee Organization during your Year of Service.